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Exploration and the Next Generation: Emily Ballard

With a renowned oceanographer for a father and a mother who was a film producer and head of special projects at National Geographic, Emily Ballard grew up immersed in conversations about global expeditions, scientific discovery, and storytelling. Perhaps it’s not surprising that she, too, is now telling stories. Join us for a screening of Robert Ballard: The Man Who Found the Titanic, the documentary film Emily produced about her famous father. Despite its title, the film is far less about the discovery Dr. Ballard is best known for and much more about the scientific findings he is most proud of, as well as some of the adversities he has encountered in life. Emily, who grew up with her family in Lyme, has accompanied her father on multiple expeditions – including the recent search for the remains of Amelia Earhart’s plane – and she effectively cut her filmmaking teeth aboard the E/V Nautilus, recording some of the ship’s activities while at sea. In Robert Ballard: The Man Who Found the Titanic, Emily shares an intimate look at her father’s work and accomplishments, as well a sage take on life’s challenges. Emily’s father has been a riveting Arts & Exploration speaker in the past. This October, we are thrilled to welcome the next generation to Essex Meadows to share her own story of discovery.


October 4
3:00 pm
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