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Exploring the Past, Securing the Future: Egyptologist Kent Weeks

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Widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost Egyptologists, Kent Weeks is perhaps best known for unearthing the tombs of the sons of Ramses II, generally considered the most significant find in the Valley of the Kings since the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. Dr. Weeks’s other major claim to fame is his Theban Mapping Project, the monumental undertaking he launched decades ago to map, photograph, and catalogue the tombs, temples, and monuments of the Valley of the Kings. In recent years, Dr. Weeks, who lives on the Connecticut Shoreline when he’s not in Egypt, has added another accomplishment to his list, and it’s one he believes may have the most lasting consequence of all.

For the last several years, Dr. Weeks and his colleagues have been oering educational programs to local schoolchildren at a library they established in Luxor. Each week, hundreds of children engage in programs at the library, where they learn about the significance of Egypt’s archaeological sites, why these sites require preservation, and what they can do to ensure that their country’s rich archaeological legacy remains intact for generations to come. We look forward to welcoming Dr. Weeks back to Essex Meadows as he shares stories about his discoveries, news about the latest developments in the Valley of the Kings, and why he continues to believe today’s youth provide the key to preserving the treasures of the past.


September 13
3:00 pm
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