Essex Meadows was founded in 1988 to provide its residents a lifestyle of freedom, independence, dignity and security.

A driving force behind its founding was Arthur Hamilton, an Essex resident who envisioned a retirement community in his historic hometown. Hamilton understood the value of lifecare and the importance of planning as health needs change.

With the help of several friends, Hamilton worked to bring his vision to life. Thanks to Hamilton’s efforts, Essex Meadows became more than the remarkable community he envisioned for himself, his wife and his friends: It has now become the premier retirement destination for hundreds of others who have chosen to call it home.

Stability and expertise

Essex Meadows is owned and managed by Life Care Services®, an LCS® Company that owns or manages over 130 senior living communities across the nation. They have a well-earned reputation for excellence in the field of senior living, with resources and programs developed to help older adults live life to the fullest.