Our goal is simple: Give residents the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding, fulfilling living experience at every stage and age of life. We strive to reach our goal every day through a combination of hospitality, service and commitment to quality of care.

And our mission and vision statements are the foundation from which we build.

Our mission statement

The mission of Essex Meadows is to provide residents with a lifestyle of freedom, dignity, independence and security in a financially responsible and caring way.

Our vision statement

Our vision is to be New England’s premier retirement community of choice — a dynamic community with a dedicated staff of professionals who consistently maintain the highest level of resident satisfaction in both hospitality and health care among retirement communities nationwide.

How we aim to fulfill our mission and vision

While the highest level of service is our first priority, we continue to invest in our welcoming, beautiful and natural environment. Our buildings and surrounding environment remain warm, inviting and traditional in appearance, yet contemporary and state-of-the-art, in keeping with technological advances in health care.
Our expertise in understanding the aging process and our comprehensive services exceed the expectations of our current and future residents.

Our active and involved residents foster mutually valued relations with the outside community. In support of this value, Essex Meadows is committed to building strong community relations, and continually seeks new and improved opportunities in Essex and the surrounding area.