The better you feel, the more you’re likely to participate in activities that interest you. The more you participate, the better you feel. It’s a wonderful effect. Happily, almost any activity can contribute to your wellness.

This balanced, individualized approach to feeling great and living well is infused into our you-centric lifestyle.

Everything’s already in place.

Our pool and newly remodeled fitness center are fully equipped for physical rigor of all levels, to help you maintain – and improve – strength, balance and flexibility. Our trained staff hosts classes and works directly with residents to create personalized fitness plans. Physical health is just the beginning. Meditation, tai chi and yoga all nourish spiritual wellbeing.

Your intellect will be stimulated too – from planned college-level seminars to daily interaction with other engaged residents. You may want to participate in a book club, play golf, join a walking group or plan your own events. Our busy library is a robust source of mental stimulation. The variety of activities keeps every day invigorating.

And, oh my, the dining. Our chef is a master of culinary enjoyment. Every meal brings residents together for excellent food and even better company.

Whatever your tastes and goals, you’re bound to find personal enrichment to live better.